New APG Podcast: Best Financial Friend

Published on: 10 June 2024

Talking about money isn't something we're particularly good at in the Netherlands. Yet, it can be very useful and sometimes even essential. In "Best Financial Friend," a new podcast series from APG, we're going to do just that. From the impact of your upbringing on your financial outlook to the absolute do's and don'ts of salary negotiations, we're covering it all. In the first episode, we dive into personal financial successes and failures.


While many still believe that discussing finances is not quite acceptable, it can indeed contribute to greater financial awareness. This, in turn, is an important factor in reducing the wage and pension gaps in the Netherlands. In the BFF podcast, we open up the account books and bring the conversation from the kitchen table to the studio. How do you manage finances at home? What agreements do you make as a family about part-time work? These are just some of the questions we address. We can learn a lot from each other’s habits, mistakes, and experiences in financial matters.



“Financial choices and habits now can significantly influence what your income and pension will look like later,” says Sterre Ooms, team lead at APG Research and host of the podcast. “For instance, women in the Netherlands receive on average 40 percent less pension than men. This is partly because women tend to work part-time more often than men. APG believes it is important to reduce this pension gap. It's no coincidence that APG's CEO, Annette Mosman, has been actively advocating for this for years.”

Ultimately, it all starts with awareness, says Sterre: “This podcast, where we have honest conversations about money – with all its highs and lows – will hopefully contribute to that.”


Wise Lessons

The new podcast series, alternately presented by APG's Sterre Ooms and Rick Akkermans, features a new panel every three episodes. The first panel includes Maikel Breukelman, Det Olde Hampsink, and Gerco de Mare. In this episode, we ask: what financial hits and misses have you experienced? The discussion covers stolen watches, accidents without comprehensive insurance, and underwater mortgages. But it also touches on the value of making memories and wise lessons from grandparents.


Listen to the full episode here! And keep an eye on and Spotify for upcoming podcasts!