APG - a good income for today, tomorrow, and beyond

And this is what we are:

What kind of income can I expect in the future? It’s a question we all ask ourselves now and again. We at APG understand that like no other. We manage a total capital of over 500 billion euros for our pension funds and their members and beneficiaries.


We are a pension provider that looks not only at financial returns, but also at doing our bit for society. In areas such as solidarity between generations, sustainability, values, diversity, the climate, and digitalization. Because pensions are ultimately about people, about life, and about living together in society. What good will a great pension do when the world around you has become unlivable?


We at APG want to make a real difference day after day. So that you, your parents, and your children will be able to rely on a good income. Today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Kandoor helps people with advice on money matters. Good, quick, and free of charge


When will I get paid my withheld vacation allowance? I’m a self-employed professional now, how do I organize my pension? How do I repay my personal loan now that my boss has filed for bankruptcy? At Kandoor.nl we get over fifty thousand questions about financial matters every month. And we gladly answer each and every one of them. Whether it be about housing allowance, severance packages, vacation pay, or debt support. Or about your pension.


How does it work? It’s very simple. You submit your question on our online Kandoor platform. There will always be a specialist among our over 200 Kandoor advisors who has the answer. Very convenient when you have trouble figuring it all out for yourself. Or when your question is about a sensitive issue. That’s when you need someone who knows what they’re talking about. Someone you feel secure talking to about things such as your financial debt.


Kandoor’s advisors are independent and truly work for everyone, whether you are a worker, about to buy your first home, or have recently retired. They do so free of charge and on their own time. There’s no catch.

Kandoor is an initiative by APG. Because we want to make the people of the Netherlands more money conscious. And help them manage their money, with no strings attached. So that they can move forward.

Meet our executive board

I want all those workers who serve our society day in day out to have a good and valuable pension when they retire.

Annette Mosman

Chairman of APG's Executive Board

We generate good investment returns in a responsible way, which leads to valuable pensions.

Ronald Wuijster

Member of APG's Executive Board, responsible for Asset Management

A good income for later is the difference between taking or not taking your grandchildren for an outing. That’s the real significance.

Francine van Dierendonck

Member of APG's Executive Board, responsible for Participant & Employer Services and Pension Fund Services

I think it's important to be able to contribute to a good pension in a liveable world in my work.

Maarten Blacquière

Member of APG's Executive Board, responsible for Finance and Risk (CFRO)