Maarten Blacquière appointed CFRO of APG

Published on: 29 March 2022

Maarten Blacquière will join the Executive Board of APG Group (APG) on April 1, 2022 as Chief Finance & Risk Officer (CFRO). In this role, he is responsible for the quality and implementation of APG’s financial policy and risk management. In addition, APG's IT strategy is part of his mandate. Maarten Blacquière succeeds Jan Nijland. Nijland temporarily filled the position of CFRO, after Annette Mosman -APG’s former CFRO- was appointed chairman of the executive board of APG. 


Blacquière has extensive managerial experience and knowledge of all aspects of financial management. Over the past thirty years, he has held various management, operational and staff positions within the energy sector. For the past eight years he was part of the executive board of distribution system operator Enexis as Chief Financial Officer. Before that, as Chief Financial Officer, he was the central point of contact for the financial policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the Board of Directors of GasTerra for more than seven years. 


Annette Mosman, chairman of APG: “Maarten is an accomplished financial director. Although he does not come from the financial sector itself, he has a lot of experience with transitions and semi-private organizations and he is skilled in IT. The Netherlands are on the eve of the largest reform of the pension system ever, in which APG obviously has an important role to play. We will surely benefit from of Maarten's broad vision and competencies to steer this transition in the right direction, together with our pension fund clients. I look forward to a pleasant cooperation.”  


“We are deeply indebted to Jan Nijland for temporarily filling the position of CFRO. We greatly appreciated his dedication, expertise and humor. We wish Jan every success in returning to his original position of managing director Group Risk & Compliance and are pleased to often see him in that capacity.” 


Pieter Jongstra, Chairman of the supervisory board of APG: “We are pleased with the appointment of Maarten Blacquière. Previously, at Enexis, he was also part of a board of directors as CFO. He concluded this period successfully and with an excellent reputation. He is strategic as well as result-oriented and radiates calmness and reliability. In addition, he has affinity with important themes such as the energy transition and sustainability. On behalf of the supervisory board, I wish Maarten every success in his new role at APG.”