Hans Rademaker intended Chief Fiduciary Officer at APG Asset Management

Published on: 9 February 2017

APG Asset Management intends to appoint Hans Rademaker as Chief Fiduciary Officer (CFi). In this role, which is new to the organization, Rademaker will become a member of APG Asset Management's Management Board and will be heading up the new Fiduciary Department.


The creation of this department provides APG Asset Management with a function that translates client requirements into specific strategic proposals and mandates for tactical and operational asset management including the associated monitoring and feedback. In the light of new challenges inherent in the pension system and international financial markets, APG Asset Management considers this change in the organization structure essential. Hans Rademaker's definitive appointment is awaiting approval by the AFM.


Hans Rademaker has extensive international management experience in the field of asset management and pensions. Prior to this, he was Global CIO with the Robeco Group for the past six years. Before that he occupied the position of Managing Director Fiduciary Management at Kempen Capital Management. In addition, he worked for the pension provider MN for over thirteen years as Director of Investments. Rademaker studied business economics in Tilburg and later completed his post-doctoral studies in the field of investment management at VU University in Amsterdam. Hans Rademaker is married and has three children.


Eduard van Gelderen, CIO APG Group: "We are delighted about the intended appointment of Hans Rademaker as CFi. He brings a great deal of international experience with him. Furthermore, in the recent past he instituted fiduciary management at a large asset management company. As a result, he has all the experience and competencies required to make fiduciary management a success at APG Asset Management as well."