“Everyone gets to choose, as long as that choice is based on accurate information and knowledge”

Published on: 17 October 2023

“Money for women applies not only to women.” That is how host Inge Diepman begins this first APG Podcast in association with APG's Global Women's Forum, starring APG’s top women in a triptych. “Because achieving financial independence for women is everyone’s business.” Inge Diepman, professor Lisa Brüggen, associate professor Jorgo Goossens and PwC managing director Annemieke Mol explore with Annette Mosman, APG’s chairman of the board of directors, what society and government need to do to ensure that women in the Netherlands are in a better financial position.


Mosman all too often sees examples of women who, because of the choices they made early in their careers, have a hard time financially later in life. Women who only find this out when they no longer have any prospects for action. That is why she is now biting into the topic of financial independence for women like a terrier, and looking for ways to improve their situation. “I want to know how we can start that movement, and how we can reach our children on this topic.”


During the podcast, Mosman gets some good tips that she is happy to take away. She points out that there is no master plan that can be implemented, “but we need to get moving. Women need to be well informed so they can make informed career choices. APG can take action, campaign and properly inform all participants of our funds. But I am also appealing to the government to join us in looking at what we want to achieve, what we want our society to be like, and what regulations should accompany that.”


The podcast can be listened here (SoundCloud) and here (Spotify) - in dutch.



In the picture above, from left to right:


  • Annemieke Mol, director at the Experience Center of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
  • Annette Mosman, CEO of APG.
  • Inge Diepman, presenter, discussion leader and program producer.
  • Lisa Brüggen, professor of financial services at the University of Maastricht, and manager of the independent knowledge network Netspar.
  • Jorgo Goossens, associate professor of finance at Radboud University.