Dina Aleman appointed Managing Director Corporate Affairs & Communication APG Group

Published on: 15 February 2022

Dina Aleman will start on April 15, 2022 as Managing Director Corporate Affairs & Communication at APG Group. In this role, which is new to the organisation, Aleman will lead the Group Legal & Governance and Communication departments. It was recently decided to bring these departments under a single head. The aim of this is an optimal and integrated service of relevant corporate and social stakeholders. In this position, Aleman will report directly to CEO Annette Mosman.


Dina Aleman studied law in Leiden and then worked as a lawyer and in various strategic advisory positions with a focus on financial services. At KPMG she was a partner for seventeen years and responsible for advisory services for financial institutions, including insurers and pension funds. She recently worked as director of legal, tax and strategy at pension provider PGGM.


Annette Mosman, chairman of the APG Group: “I am very pleased that Dina will lead these
departments. In the Netherlands and as APG, we are facing the largest pension reform ever. We can only do this transition well if we are in good contact with our stakeholders. Of course the funds and participants, but also society. Maintaining and increasing confidence in the pension system is crucial. That is why I am happy that we could bind someone of Dina's stature to us to help shape and implement this. I look forward to working with her.”