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The Netherlands is on its way towards a new pension system. Society is changing. We switch jobs more often and live increasingly longer on average. The number of people working in proportion to the number of pensioners is dropping. The pension contributions have risen. And the prices rise faster than the pensions. The current rules for pension are no longer a good fit for today’s world. That is why the rules need to be adjusted in order for us to obtain a pension system that is better suited for the current times and the changes that are still to come. We keep the good things of our current system: we continue to invest together and to share the risks together.

Being a pension administrator, we believe it is important that the pension agreement leads to an even better pension for the Netherlands. And that the new Pensions Act is explainable and enforceable. This page contains information on the why, how and when of the ‘Law on the Future of Pensions (Wtp)’.

Why a new pension system?

Changes in the pension system


What is changing in the new system?


The Netherlands has one of the best pension systems in the world. We would like to keep it that way. So, we will maintain the strong elements of the current system. But some other elements of the pension system are about to change. The way in which you accrue pension becomes clearer and more insightful, and the new rules are better aligned with the changing society, the economy and the labor market. The most important changes are listed below.

These changes will be implemented:

What remains the same?


You shouldn’t change what’s good. The strong elements of the current pension system remain in force. The three pillars on which pension in the Netherlands is based (state pension, accrual through the employer and individual supplementary pension) continue to exist. And once you retire, you receive a lifelong pension.

These topics remain the same:

When does the new pension system enter into force?


According to the Law on the Future of Pensions, pension funds have until January 1, 2028 to switch to a pension scheme that matches the new pension rules. That means the new rules will be applicable to everyone starting that date. Some pension funds will switch before that, but a lot still needs to be done leading up to that point. The transition from the old to the new pension system has to be carefully managed. Some major steps towards 2028 are:

Transition to the new pension system:

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