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On the way to a new pension system


We are on the way to a new pension system. Society is changing. We change jobs more often and, on average, we are living longer. There are fewer working people compared to pensioners. Pensions have become more expensive, there has been no indexation of pensions for too long and pension premiums have risen. The new pension rules will give us a pension system that is better suited to the times we live in and the changes that are still to come. But we will retain the good things about our current system: for example, we will continue to invest together and share the risks together.


As a pension administrator, it is important to us that the new system is even better for the Netherlands. We want to make pensions understandable and simple. On this page you will find information on the how, what, when and why of the new system.



Pension in the Netherlands

Pension definitions


What is 'transition'? What is meant by 'solidarity reserve? On this page we explain the definitions of used terms in a simply way. 


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