What will remain the same in the new system?

What is good will stay. The strengths of the current pension system will remain. The three pillars that pensions in the Netherlands are based on (state pension, accrual through the employer and individual supplementary pension) will remain in place. And once you retire, you will continue to receive your pension for the rest of your life.

AOW will remain
The AOW benefit you receive from the government from the time of the established AOW age will remain.

Pension accrual  through the employer is mandatory
The mandatory pension accrual through the employer will remain. Thus, as much as possible, people will be prevented from being empty-handed when they retire.

We will keep sharing risks together
In the new system, we will all continue to save for lifelong pensions and share the risks of old age, death and disability. In this way, the risk to the individual participant will remain limited. There will also continue to be a joint administration of pension schemes and a joint investment policy, which will enable pension administrators to keep the costs down for the people that have a pension with them.