“With us you can be yourself, both as a professional and as a person”

Published on: 30 July 2021

In honor of the anniversary edition of Pride Amsterdam, APG is raising the rainbow flag at the offices in Amsterdam and Heerlen. As an employer of three thousand unique individuals, we are clearly showing that we want to be a diverse and inclusive organization in which fund clients and participants can recognize themselves too.


APG’s diversity and inclusion policy cannot be summed up in a few words. Activities range from signing various national manifestos such as “Diversity in Business” and “Talent to the Top” to establishing a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Board, organizing employee meetings and closing the gender pay gap.

By raising the rainbow flag at several APG offices, APG is reinforcing its statement to promote diversity and inclusion. Something that makes Erik van Dam, reputation manager at APG, proud. “This gesture means more to me than I thought. Showing the flag feels like support that I can be who I am and that this is possible at APG. Especially considering that in the outside world, unfortunately, this issue still needs so much attention. At APG, I have rarely felt an inhibition to be myself. And yet I only know a handful of coworkers from the LGBT+ corner. So, there are still steps to be taken at APG in the area of diversity and inclusion. Hopefully the flying of the flags will make everyone more aware of their role in this.”

Ronald Wuijster, a member of the executive board and also chairman of the D&I Board, acknowledges that more steps can be taken to become an inclusive employer. But he is also proud of what has already been achieved. “We believe it is important that all employees feel involved and valued for who they are as professionals and as people. After all, being able to be yourself at work is important for everyone. In recent years, APG has already made considerable strides and the bar remains high. For example, we are aiming for at least 30% women at the top of the organization and 40% across the entire organization by the end of 2022.”


In addition to the rainbow flag, APG is also introducing a specially designed rainbow logo today. This consists of the original rainbow flag along with the five colors of the Progress Pride flag, which has a greater focus on inclusion and progress. Wuijster: “While the flags are flying outside, the logo reflects our sustainable identity and the values we want to show as a company online and on social media With this logo, APG is supporting unique individuals and underlining that progress is needed. We hope to contribute significantly to a sustainable future with this.”