SPW Pension fund provides participants with an insight into their financial future

Published on: 19 March 2018

SPW launches Clear Overview & Insight (‘Helder Overzicht & Inzicht’). Through this service, fund participants can easily gain insight into their financial future. In addition to their pension, other income and expenses will also become accessible in the future, giving participants a comprehensive overview of their income for the future. SPW developed Clear Overview & Insight together with its participants and pension administrator APG.


Straightforward insight into future income

With Clear Overview & Insight, participants can easily include pensions accrued elsewhere as well as equity capital, such as annuity, in their calculation, in addition to their SPW pension.  Participants can also calculate their future income level, at an earlier or later retirement age. In case of a pension gap, Clear Overview & Insight provides the participant with possible solutions, such as additional savings and investments. This action perspective provides participants with a clear tool when talking to their bank or insurance company. The expected effect of extra savings or investments on future income is immediately visible to the participant.


Includes overview future expenses

Expected future expenses will also be made available, based on statistics and research. The participant can easily adjust the estimate at the desired level of detail. Additional refinement of the estimate can be realized using a ‘lifestyle identifier’, allowing the participant to think about how expensive or affordable they want their future lifestyle to be. In order to determine this, we ask questions about housing, vacation and leisure time. By doing this, and combining it with the income side, a comprehensive overview of the participant's financial future is created.


Further development Clear Overview & Insight:

The service will be developed further in the near future, and more features will become available. It will then also become possible to include your partner’s details in the calculations. This way, participants receive a financial overview at family level. APG is also talking to other pension funds about offering Clear Overview & Insight to their participants.

Miranda Blomberg, SPW board president: “Our participants come first. In doing this, we provide our participants with an overview of and insight into their financial future. It helps our participants to make choices, now and in the future.”


Gerard van Olphen, APG Chairman of the Executive Board:  “We want our participants to have a handle on their financial future. By introducing Clear Overview & Insight, we offer participants a smart and simple way to do this, and we also help them make choices. I am proud we have been able to develop this wonderful service together with SPW in the previous months.”