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Marketing & communications

Pensions are complex. And they are not very popular with many people. At the same time, it is an incredibly important topic. For all ages. Clear communications and effective marketing strategies help raise awareness of pensions in each of the target groups. The good news is that we have made good headway in this respect. Read all about it here.

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Crystal ball or science?

Published on: 9 July 2020

Employees of the KlantContactCenter (KCC) for bpfBOUW are able to predict the questions of participants since a few weeks ago. And no, they do not use a crystal ball to do so. The questions are handed to them by Next Best Question (NBQ), an experiment of the GroeiFabriek that became a working reality.


The GroeiFabriek

The GroeiFabriek, the innovation lab of APG, conducts experiments with concepts helping us to serve the participant the best way we can. Using the word “experiment” already indicates that an idea sometimes is not good enough to take into production. But the ideas also include some gems that truly help us progress. NBQ is one of those ideas.


Next Best Question

The same as Netflix is able to predict our viewing behavior, NBQ predicts the reason why a participant is contacting us. Following an analysis of data, such as personal information, previous conversations, mail, e-mail messages and life events, an algorithm shows a top 5 of most probable questions when an employee of the KCC assists a customer by telephone, chat or email. This means the employee concerned is able to help the participant faster and better by proactively asking and responding to questions. This way, the participant gets a more comprehensive answer and it is less likely for him or her to call us back with a follow-up question. And for the employees it is very convenient to have the information handy as early as possible.


Edo Westerveen, employee of the KCC, definitely sees the advantages. “This is a great start, an additional service to help the participants even better. This instrument is especially beneficial for the customer contact specialists who are just starting. And once the algorithm becomes even better, it can really be an important resource for outstanding service provision.”


Only bpfBOUW?

The experiment was developed by the GroeiFabriek for bpfBOUW. That is why Next Best Question initially went live for this fund. But other funds are showing interest as well. The first test results are very promising.

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'Helping participants and employers from the kitchen table'

'Helping participants and employers from the kitchen table'

Published on: 20 March 2020

Interview Gerard van Olphen in the Finacial Telegraaf

How does APG deal with the current situation on the financial markets? What does this mean for the new pension contract? What does the management of an organization like APG look like in a situation of crisis? These are the main topics that are discussed in an interview that went online today with Gerard van Olphen in the Financial Telegraaf.


Van Olphen states, among other things, that all the consequences of the developments surrounding the new Corona virus make the questions surrounding the new pension contract even more pressing: “The question that arises is how to divide windfalls and setbacks over generations. This crisis shows that it is unwise to saddle one specific generation with the setbacks. ”


Read the full story here (Dutch).

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APG public report nominated for Pension Pro Award 2019

APG public report nominated for Pension Pro Award 2019

Published on: 7 June 2019

APG’s new public report ‘Walk with us’ has been nominated for the communication Pension Pro Awards 2019.


The public report ‘Walk with us’ went online this week. With this report APG as a major pensions player takes responsibility for making the welter of information that people receive easier to understand and for raising awareness about pensions. Which is why the Pension Pro Awards 2019 jury nominated APG in the categorie communication.


Praise for personal pension pots
ABP has been nominated among other things for the personal pension pot. Participants can see at a glance how much money they contribute themselves, how much the employer contributes and the return that ABP obtains. The personal pension pot is currently available to more than 850,000 participants.

The jury’s comments on this are: ‘ABP is committed to the collective interest, but with due attention to the individual. The clear view provided by the ‘personal pension pot’ is a step forward in this regard: Clear communication with and proximity to the participant will be essential in the years to come. Commendable: bold, and well-timed with regard to the national pension debate.’


Inclusivity approach is admirable
PWRI is to invest €100 million a year in companies that create extra jobs for people with work limitations. Providing the investment produces a financial return.
To demonstrate this, PWRI encourages the companies to have their efforts in the area of inclusivity reflected in a certificate from the PSO (Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen, literally “Performance Ladder for Social Entrepreneurship”).


Reason enough for the jury to nominate PWRI for the public award. The jury report refers to a unique form of engagement that looks specifically at aspects that are important to the pension funds’ backers. ‘PWRI’s approach to inclusivity is special, and admirable: an ESG solution in the direct interest of the participants. This creates involvement with and proximity to the people on whose behalf all our efforts are made.'


The awards will be presented on June 20. You can vote for APB and PWRI until 4 p.m. on Thursday June 13, 2019 on Pension Pro Award 2019.

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Second pension fund live with Clear Overview & Insight

Second pension fund live with Clear Overview & Insight

Published on: 11 December 2018

What effect do choices you make now have on your future income? To clarify this, APG developed the module Clear Overview & Insight (Helder Overzicht & Inzicht, HO&I). This gives pension fund members more insight into their future income and expenditure within the personal online pension environment. That way they can see whether they will be to maintain their current lifestyle, and whether there is room for that little bit extra they need. The SPW pension fund for housing corporations had the debut with this module in February. HO&I is now also available to members of the APG Staff Pension Fund (PPF APG). A third pension fund is going live with the module in 2019.


Insight into income and expenditure at expected state retirement age

On 10 December HO&I went live for members of PPF APG. This is the APG pension fund where about 5,300 (former) employees of APG accrue pension or have done so in the past. The new module gives them an insight into their income and expenditure at the expected state retirement age.

All income known to the pension fund has already been entered in the HO&I module. It also contains an estimate of the expected expenditure, including in the areas of housing, healthcare costs and insurance. Any other income for later, such as other pensions, annuities or savings, can easily be added by members themselves. They can also see at the touch of a button what the implications are if they want to retire earlier, or if they want to work more or less. That way, members know whether it is necessary to save or invest extra or whether they need to adjust their spending pattern.


Enthusiasm in the test group

A number of APG employees were introduced to the possibilities during the testing of the new module. This group was very enthusiastic. With the introduction of the module on My PPF APG, an even larger number of APG employees can find out for themselves how this module works. In this way they are not only APG employees but also customers, and from that position they can experience how APG members are able to control their financial future. APG's aim is to increase pension awareness and to be a trusted guide.


The board of PPF APG is also very pleased with HO&I. Employees’ Chairman Alwin Oerlemans: "The first reactions to Clear Overview & Insight show that many members are really interested in seeing what their financial future holds. Directly seeing the implications of your own choices is very valuable."

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SPW Pension fund provides participants with an insight into their financial future

SPW Pension fund provides participants with an insight into their financial future

Published on: 19 March 2018

SPW launches Clear Overview & Insight (‘Helder Overzicht & Inzicht’). Through this service, fund participants can easily gain insight into their financial future. In addition to their pension, other income and expenses will also become accessible in the future, giving participants a comprehensive overview of their income for the future. SPW developed Clear Overview & Insight together with its participants and pension administrator APG.


Straightforward insight into future income

With Clear Overview & Insight, participants can easily include pensions accrued elsewhere as well as equity capital, such as annuity, in their calculation, in addition to their SPW pension.  Participants can also calculate their future income level, at an earlier or later retirement age. In case of a pension gap, Clear Overview & Insight provides the participant with possible solutions, such as additional savings and investments. This action perspective provides participants with a clear tool when talking to their bank or insurance company. The expected effect of extra savings or investments on future income is immediately visible to the participant.


Includes overview future expenses

Expected future expenses will also be made available, based on statistics and research. The participant can easily adjust the estimate at the desired level of detail. Additional refinement of the estimate can be realized using a ‘lifestyle identifier’, allowing the participant to think about how expensive or affordable they want their future lifestyle to be. In order to determine this, we ask questions about housing, vacation and leisure time. By doing this, and combining it with the income side, a comprehensive overview of the participant's financial future is created.


Further development Clear Overview & Insight:

The service will be developed further in the near future, and more features will become available. It will then also become possible to include your partner’s details in the calculations. This way, participants receive a financial overview at family level. APG is also talking to other pension funds about offering Clear Overview & Insight to their participants.

Miranda Blomberg, SPW board president: “Our participants come first. In doing this, we provide our participants with an overview of and insight into their financial future. It helps our participants to make choices, now and in the future.”


Gerard van Olphen, APG Chairman of the Executive Board:  “We want our participants to have a handle on their financial future. By introducing Clear Overview & Insight, we offer participants a smart and simple way to do this, and we also help them make choices. I am proud we have been able to develop this wonderful service together with SPW in the previous months.”

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ABP wins award for Pension Pop-Up Store

ABP wins award for Pension Pop-Up Store

Published on: 3 November 2016
    On the last day of the 3-day Pension Event, Secretary of State Klijnsma awarded the 2016 Pension Reference Award to ABP and FinBase. The award presented by Wijzer in Geldzaken (Smarter in Financial Affairs) is an incentive for organizations to give their consumers easier insight into their pension.



For this year’s award, there were six nominees in two different categories (up to 30 employees and over 30 employees). The judges, chaired by Secretary of State Klijnsma, selected the advice platform of FinBase with in the first category. In the second category, the judges selected ABP’s pension pop-up store. The judges praised the fact that the pop-up stores enable the employers to review pensions on the work floor together with the participants. She classed it as ‘contagious’.


Low threshold and successful

The Pension Pop-Up Store is an interactive animation stand on pensions and MijnABP to be placed with employers on the work floor for a few days. The first Pension Pop-Up Store was placed with the City of Utrecht in early February 2016. Meanwhile, the initiative is in such high demand that two Pop-Up Stores are now ‘on tour’. Both participants and employers experience it as a low-threshold way of communicating about pensions. ABP developed it because employees often use their employers as the first point of contact for pension-related questions. A Pension Pop-Up Store on the work floor makes it easier to help people in answering questions. Employees can find out more about their pensions in the store. They can also log into MijnABP in the store to review their pension situation. The Pop-Up Store also registers employees for personal appointments with a pension adviser. The Pension Pop-Up Store is part of a broad range of pension communication options that ABP offers, encouraging employers to share on

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New UPS Models 2017

New UPS Models 2017

Published on: 18 September 2016

The Dutch Association of Insurers and Pension Federation on the website Pensioenmodellen published the HPO model 2017 and its manual.


Classification based on survey - understanding - action

The models have a thorough makeover. As on Retirement 1-2-3 is now the UPS uses icons. In addition, the models become more concise and it is with the new classification based on providing "Overview - understanding - action. The lyrics are pretty shape: the state performers free to adapt it better and to connect to the information needs and characteristics of the participants. New is the model for pensioners. Unlike before, there are no disclosures made in the models. The manual find pension administrators detailed information about how the models are required.


Layered communications

The pension umbrella have with the new UPS models' layered communication "in mind, as with Retirement 1-2-3. Layer 1 is a trigger to the participant to read the UPO. This layer is set form, for example, a letter in a colored envelope or an e-mail. Layer 2 is the UPO itself. There are several links to in-depth information, for example and Retirement 1-2-3. The information behind these links can be seen as a layer 3.


As for inspection in connection with many changes

The models are present for approval to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Possibly followed by another (small) changes in response to the reaction of Social Affairs. Because of the many changes to the format and the required implementation time choose the pension umbrella sure to set already now available models to their members.


Read more on the website Pensioenmodellen.

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Rising numbers of Dutch check pensions online

Rising numbers of Dutch check pensions online

Published on: 29 August 2016

Growing numbers of participants in pension funds associated with APG are using the ‘MijnFonds’ personal digital pensions environment.


To date, some 650,000 participants have checked their pension status through this service. With MijnFonds, a participant can easily see how much pension he has accumulated or receives. The service was launched in 2015 and is available to increasing numbers of participants in pension funds associated with APG. MijnFonds is also suitable for use on a smartphone or tablet.


Insight into the personal pension status, anywhere and anytime.

Alongside a summary of the accumulated pension, it is also possible for participants to view any partner’s or surviving dependent’s pension. Depending on the pension fund, there is also the online ability to calculate the effect of advancing, postponing or varying the extent of a pension.

MijnFonds users can also modify personal details simply and directly. Security and privacy is also guaranteed because the system uses DigiD.


Pension mail increasingly digital

Growing numbers of participants are indicating in MijnFonds that they wish to receive mail about their pensions either partially or fully digitally. This means that not only does MijnFonds offer participants more convenience, but it also reduces paper consumption and leads to lower implementation costs.

Growing functionality in MijnFonds

Raoul Willms, Director of Marketing, Communications & Distribution with APG: “Participants are telling us that MijnFonds offers them a quick insight into their personal pension status. This gives them clarity and peace of mind. We will be adding even more features in the near future, making the service even more relevant and personal. For instance, we have just launched webchat, to answer pensions questions directly online. Participants are reacting enthusiastically to this new service.”

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The importance of timely, accurate and complete communications

The importance of timely, accurate and complete communications

Published on: 22 June 2016

Changes in laws and regulations have a direct impact on collective and individual level.


We would like to also relieve employers in this area. For this specialized communication we therefore advice and execution to measure. Matching the sector and the company culture so that employers inform their employees are always on the right and familiar manner. 


More personal communication, the better it arrives. APG matches the information therefore always on the personal situation of the recipient. Through our years of experience in the field of pensions, redundancy payments and re-integration we are able to give us good to live in. And we know what specific approach to suit different audiences and topics. We develop a finely tuned and balanced mix of communication for your label, based on your communication strategy. Our experienced communication specialists, both strategically and creatively educated and have knowledge of offline and online communication.

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APG initiatives awarded prestigious PBM Communication Awards

APG initiatives awarded prestigious PBM Communication Awards

Published on: 19 May 2016

APG is committed to improve communication participant in order to increase pension awareness among participants. On Thursday, May 19th was the award ceremony of the PBM Communication Awards. Two initiatives APG received prizes, one later won the grand prize.


It was a concept video at SPMS in the category of participant communications (which later won first prize) and the financial planning tool for water boards in the category of employer communication. Communication awards were presented at an event of Pension Administration & Management, an independent magazine and information platform in the industry. APG sees the awards as recognition for the chosen communication strategy. It states support sectors and employers in pension communication and understandable and relevant communication with central participants.


SPMS winner PBM Communication Award category participant communications

For SPMS, the pension fund for medical specialists is by APG launched a new video concept with Blue Billywig: SPMS Update. This will inform participants interactively on current pension issues. During the video participants receive tailored manner provided information in an attractive and on them. Through clickable buttons can determine for example, they themselves what they see or directly provide feedback in the video. Meanwhile, half of the participants are already using SPMS Update. Moreover, 86% find the information understandable. Thus the objectives were amply met.


Regional Water winner PBM Communication Award category employer communications

The Water Boards were with the pilot 'Work and Money, properly regulated ?!' awards. The success of this project is determined by the unique partnership between A & O Regional Water Fund, APG and Employees get accessible insight into the financial situation in the short and long term. The financial consequences of choices in both work and private life are made transparent. If desired, can be relied on online advice from an independent adviser. More than 500 employees participated in the pilot. Of the 85% users find that the tool provides added value because they can better understand the future financial situation. 83% would use the tool again in the future and more than 50% say they have taken action in response to the use of Via the A & D fund water boards the instrument from this summer also offered to all employees in the sector.

Edwin van der Reijden director Sector Management at APG: "This successful pilot proves sectors and employers are very important channels to reach employees about their condition of employment pension."

Raoul Willms, Director of Marketing, Communications and Distribution at APG: "We have the ambition to pension participants more relevant and easier to understand and thus to enthuse them about retirement. A good income for later everyone is talking to. By using innovative marketing and communication techniques we put in it big steps. We are very proud of this PBM communication prices. For us reason to continue on this path. "