Collaborative project pension world offers insight into (future) finances


On the day it officially goes live, it also wins an award: the Pension Checker app. The tool is the product of a collaboration between several pension funds, led by the Pension Federation. The ABP / APG Experiments Team developed the prototype.


The Pension Checker provides easy insight into how much pension you will receive in the future. And today, during the last day of the Pensioen3Daagse, it won the PensioenWegwijzer award.


How much pension will I receive later? How long do I still have to work? Can I retire earlier? The Pension Checker, which can be downloaded from today, provides immediate answers to these and other questions. The advantage of this app is that it offers a complete overview of the pension. So including AOW and 'pension funds' accrued with other funds.


The application originated from an initiative of the Pension Federation and Dutch pension providers and large pension funds such as ABP and APG. Today it was officially launched at the end of the Pensioen3Daagse and thus won the Pension Guide 2020. This prize is awarded for initiatives that make it easy for people to gain insight into their pension and, where necessary, to take action.


The Pension Checker can be downloaded free of charge from the Google play store or the App store. Logging in is done as follows:


  • Log in with the DigiD;
  • Check the net monthly amount of AOW and pension;
  • See what early retirement means financially;
  • Discover what extra savings will bring.