Ronald Wuijster speaks about sustainable investment during FT Climate Finance Summit

Published on: 7 February 2018

During the Financial Times Climate Finance Summit in New York yesterday, Ronald Wuijster, CEO a.i. of APG Asset Management, was one of the main speakers. He also had a conversation with former US Vice President Al Gore.


Wuijster spoke about APG’s policy and conviction that as a pension investor the organization must contribute to a sustainable future. Because, Wuijster said: “Let’s be real, it’s nice to have a pension, but it is hard to enjoy it if your house is flooded as a result of climate change, or if you are worried about the future of your children and grandchildren. Fiduciary duty is, for us, about creating financial value, but also creating long-term sustainable value.”

In his presentation to key climate finance influencers, Wuijster discussed some examples of APG's sustainable investment policy: its active dialogue with the portfolio companies, truly green investments, and the way climate change risks are managed in APG's investment decisions. APG's investment approach considers return, risk and costs, but also sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship. In 2020 APG wants to have at least 58 billion euros in investments that contribute to attractive returns for participants as well as to the UN goals.


Al Gore

Wuijster also had a conversation with former Vice President Al Gore. In 2004 Gore co-founded Generation Investment Management, a long-term sustainable investor with more than $18 billion dollars under management. In a half hour, both sustainable investors discussed their approach, best practices, and shared ambition to stay ahead in sustainable investing.


A good pension in a sustainable world