Ronald Wuijster new chairman DUFAS

Published on: 3 March 2022

As of 1 March, Ronald Wuijster will be the new chairman of DUFAS (Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association). He continues the course of DUFAS, with the emphasis on increasing awareness of the social relevance of the sector.

"Not everyone is aware of it, but more than 75% of households in the Netherlands have an exposure to the capital markets through pensions, insurance or direct investments. This is a unique situation that occurs in almost none of the other EU Member States. It is important that we properly represent the interests of stakeholders in the Netherlands and abroad," says Wuijster on the DUFAS website.

Together with vice-chairman Jaap Westerling, Wuijster forms the new daily DUFAS board. One of the organisation’s aims is to raise awareness of the social relevance of investing. DUFAS also supports the development of sector standards and represents the asset management sector in the introduction of new laws and regulations.