José Meijer appointed as member of the Supervisory Board of APG Group

Published on: 20 May 2020

José Meijer has been appointed as a member of the supervisory board of APG Group (APG), the largest pension provider in the Netherlands, as of 5 September 2020. The shareholders approved the nomination of José Meijer by APG's supervisory board. The APG works council has an enhanced right of recommendation for this nomination and has been closely involved in the search process. José Meijer succeeds Edith Snoeij, who retired from the supervisory board after eight years.


José Meijer has held various (board) positions in the past forty years within the trade union, government, addiction care and the pension sector. José Meijer has been vice-chairman of the ABP pension fund since 2013, a role she will fulfill until the beginning of June 2020. As of 2014 she is a member of the general board of the Pensioenfederatie. Since April 2020, she has held the acting chairmanship of the Pensioenfederatie. She is also a member of the FNV pension team. José Meijer studied organizational sociology and science at the University of Leiden.

Pieter Jongstra, chairman of the supervisory board of APG: “With José Meijer, we welcome a very passionate and expert member of the supervisory board. In her career she has obtained thorough knowledge in the field of pension and has extensive experience as a director and supervisor. Her extensive network and good reputation with social partners and unions will certainly come in handy in the coming years, in which APG is expected to play a major role in further developing the new pension system and contract. We look forward to a pleasant cooperation. ”


Martijn Kleijer, chairman of the APG works council: “In recent years, it has become apparent that the works council can better represent the interests of its stakeholders if it makes use of relationships with various stakeholders, including the supervisory board. The Works Council is pleased to have found a candidate who has extensive experience in the sector and who fits perfectly in the role of a Commissioner in terms of signature, whereby the Works Council can apply its enhanced right of recommendation. José Meijer recognizes the importance of regular sounding boards with the works council and has indicated that she wants to fill in the supervisory board together with the works council. The works council is looking forward to a pleasant and constructive cooperation. ”


As of September 5, 2020, the supervisory board of APG is composed as follows: Pieter Jongstra (chairman), Dick van Well (vice chairman), Roger van Boxtel, Maes van Lanschot, Claudia Zuiderwijk and José Meijer.


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