In discussion of the Dutch pension system

Published on: 20 June 2016

In mid-May were the authors of the pension doc. this month and other decision makers in the pension sector in discussion of the Dutch pension system.


'The toothpaste can not go back in the tube as he is once out', was one of the warnings of the foreign speakers on reforms in the Dutch pension system. Past experiences of Chile and the UK were shared with the Dutch attendees. There were also positive signs, for example, Norman Dreger Mercer indicating that the Dutch pension system scores high in integrity, durability and suitability.'

See here The report in English of the Round Table, written by Sandra Phlippen. In this international Pension doc. Good design can be found on Pension contributions to Solange Berstein of the Inter-American Development Bank, Chris Curry of the Pensions Policy Institute en Norman Dreger of Mercer.

In addition, there are two articles of APG. An article on the six pillar pension Manuel Garcia Huitrón, Alwin Oerlemans and Michiel van Leuven Steijn and an article on the European pension plans Johan Barnard and Wilfried Mulder.