APG initiatives awarded prestigious PBM Communication Awards

Published on: 19 May 2016

APG is committed to improve communication participant in order to increase pension awareness among participants. On Thursday, May 19th was the award ceremony of the PBM Communication Awards. Two initiatives APG received prizes, one later won the grand prize.


It was a concept video at SPMS in the category of participant communications (which later won first prize) and the financial planning tool for water boards in the category of employer communication. Communication awards were presented at an event of Pension Administration & Management, an independent magazine and information platform in the industry. APG sees the awards as recognition for the chosen communication strategy. It states support sectors and employers in pension communication and understandable and relevant communication with central participants.


SPMS winner PBM Communication Award category participant communications

For SPMS, the pension fund for medical specialists is by APG launched a new video concept with Blue Billywig: SPMS Update. This will inform participants interactively on current pension issues. During the video participants receive tailored manner provided information in an attractive and on them. Through clickable buttons can determine for example, they themselves what they see or directly provide feedback in the video. Meanwhile, half of the participants are already using SPMS Update. Moreover, 86% find the information understandable. Thus the objectives were amply met.


Regional Water winner PBM Communication Award category employer communications

The Water Boards were with the pilot 'Work and Money, properly regulated ?!' awards. The success of this project is determined by the unique partnership between A & O Regional Water Fund, APG and MijnGeldzaken.nl. Employees get accessible insight into the financial situation in the short and long term. The financial consequences of choices in both work and private life are made transparent. If desired, can be relied on online advice from an independent adviser. More than 500 employees participated in the pilot. Of the 85% users find that the tool provides added value because they can better understand the future financial situation. 83% would use the tool again in the future and more than 50% say they have taken action in response to the use of MijnGeldzaken.nl. Via the A & D fund water boards the instrument from this summer also offered to all employees in the sector.

Edwin van der Reijden director Sector Management at APG: "This successful pilot proves sectors and employers are very important channels to reach employees about their condition of employment pension."

Raoul Willms, Director of Marketing, Communications and Distribution at APG: "We have the ambition to pension participants more relevant and easier to understand and thus to enthuse them about retirement. A good income for later everyone is talking to. By using innovative marketing and communication techniques we put in it big steps. We are very proud of this PBM communication prices. For us reason to continue on this path. "