APG brings pensions closer

Published on: 4 June 2019

Today APG is launching an accessible, public-friendly version of its annual report: ‘Walk with us’. With striking online clips on social media and other channels, we invite people in to step into an interactive video (filmed from the viewer’s perspective). They then actively walk through the pension year alongside APG. On their way, they encounter a number of relatable dilemma’s about money, sustainability, and the future. The choices they make, tell us something about the user’s attitude and determine the next part of the video. That way, people are only shown things that are relevant to them. Step by step, users learn more about pensions and the role APG plays, for them and for the Netherlands.


Personalized information

After the video, the viewer is redirected to a personalized website. This website offers in-depth information about the subjects that were touched upon in the video. This can include topics like our investment results and the ways we provide more insight into pensions. The choices the viewer made during the video will determine the information they are presented with afterwards. As people are constantly on their cell phones, the video and platform were designed especially for use on mobile phones. They can also be viewed on a computer. The subjects which you see in the video and the platform, are based on the text form APG’s Annual Report 2018. ‘Walk with us’ is all in Dutch, because it’s developed for the people in the Netherlands.


The public report returns

People have to deal with many things in any given year. Also in terms of pensions. It has become difficult to truly get through to people amid the overwhelming amount of information on a subject that has become emotionally charged. And yet, pensions are important for everyone’s future. The actions we take now can affect our situation later on. Together with the pension funds we work for, we constantly look for innovative perspectives to make pensions accessible. We are transforming our annual report on this basis - just like last year-, into a public version ‘Walk with us’. That is why we asked ourselves how we could bring Dutch people, particularly those accruing a pension, closer to their pensions in an accessible, relevant and fun way. All while explaining who we are and what we do for their pensions.


Looking for fresh angles of approach together 

As a pension administrator, APG takes care of the pensions of over 4.5 million people in the Netherlands. We are the largest pension administrator in the Netherlands and as such we play an important role in society. Together with various pension funds and employers, we use all of our knowledge to offer the people who accrue their pensions with them the maximum amount of value for each euro they put towards their pension. The more accessible, personal and relevant we make pensions, the greater the chance of the message getting through. Therefore, together with the pension funds we work for, we're constantly looking for fresh angles of approach to make pensions accessible.