Annette Mosman is Top Woman of the Year 2022

Published on: 30 September 2022

APG’s CEO Annette Mosman has been elected Top Woman of the Year 2022. This was announced on Thursday in the presence of 350 invitees from business, government and non-profit sectors. The jury praised Mosman for her courage and authentic leadership style. Mosman: “This feels like a huge honour. The Top Woman of the Year title is really an incentive for me to continue this leadership style."


Besides Mosman, Carina Hilders (CEO of Reinier de Graaf ziekenhuis) and Nadine Klokke (CEO of Knab) were also in the race for the title. The jury chose Annette for her authentic leadership style. The verdict of the jury: “The winner is a woman with a mission. You could say she is self-made, because she never really had a role model from her childhood and she has come this far through trial and error. Making mistakes is allowed in the culture she envisions. Her leadership is authentic. She has guts and she will need that for the difficult task that lies ahead of her.”

The jury consisted of chairman Khadija Arib (former Speaker of the House of Representatives), Mariëlle Bartholomeus (Member of the Board of Directors of Rivas Zorggroep and Top Woman of the Year 2020), Janine Vos (CHRO at Rabobank and Top Woman of the Year 2021), Eelco Hoekstra (Member of the Board of Board of SHV) and Dolf van den Brink (CEO Heineken).


Annette is happy with the title and is honored: “The more leadership experience I gain, the more convinced I become of the importance of authenticity. By staying close to myself, I can make the most positive impact – as a woman and as a leader. And at APG I can be myself completely. That makes me very proud. Of the organization, but especially of the colleagues."


She says about her leadership style: "I believe in new leadership, which starts with involving all stakeholders, where sincere and good listening is a basic condition. After that, weigh all interests, come to a decision and implement it successfully. Winning this title strengthens me in these convictions and encourages me to continue to propagate them in my role within APG but also externally.”


Role model

The annual election of the Top Woman of the Year, which took place this year for the eighteenth time, aims to create a platform on which female executives in Dutch companies and organizations receive attention, are visible and can thus fulfill a role as role models. The assessment criteria for this are the weight of the position and the results achieved, but also the courage and ambition in the career to date and the promotion of diversity in one's own organization. The Top Woman of the Year foundation is responsible for the annual election.