“A thousand trash can factories need to be built”

Published on: 28 June 2021
How do children think about the climate? In the latest video from the Kids &… series, you will find out.

Kids these days are pretty environmentally aware. At the request of APG, seven young world citizens were asked what they think about the climate. Some, like Lise (6), see it quite broadly. “The climate? That’s the wilderness where the wild animals live.” Most are remarkably knowledgeable about the issues. Like Xavi (8): “We pollute nature. Then Mother Nature gets very angry and changes the climate.” And they worry. “The more trees we cut down, the less oxygen there will be.” They also have solutions. Build a thousand more trash can factories, so there are enough trash cans for all the waste. Turning off the lights before putting on your pajamas at night.  Cycling to school on your own, instead of your mother driving you in the car. And don’t take a plane, “because that puts dust in the air and then we can’t breathe”.

Thank goodness there is ice cream at the end.