"Search for young people in places where they often come"

Published on: 28 January 2020

For a day, Salma Ahabbat was in charge of APG. As Tomorrow’s Leader 2020 (Baas van Morgen), the 14-year-old MAVO student took place last week in the chair of Francine van Dierendonck, member of the board of directors. She helped think about how the subject of pensions can be made more interesting for young people. Before that, Salma visited a number of teams that are all working with participant communication: Marketing Intelligence, De Groeifabriek, the Customer Contact Center and Webcare.


With her critical and fresh look, she let APG people look at their own work through the eyes of a 14-year-old. Salma: “Look for young people in the places where they naturally come a lot and let them get acquainted with the subject of pensions. For example at bus stops, because we travel a lot by public transport. ”She also gave tips on how APG can use social media even better.

Looking back, Salma is happy that she participated. "It was a fun, educational day. I am happy that as one of 350 students throughout the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to look into the kitchen of a large company. So I could see at close quarters how things work in a company and I could ask questions. " Salma had imagined the atmosphere at APG very differently. "I expected it to be boring and old-fashioned. But it was just the opposite."


Francine found Salma very self-assured and spontaneous. "What touched me was that she said" I want to work in healthcare, because then I can help other people." That is in line with what we at APG consider important." The visit to APG has ensured that Salma is now choosing a different career. "I would like to have the same position as Francine, so a member of the board of directors. That is also a way of caring for people, but on a different level."


Tomorrow’s Leader is an annual project from JINC to help children who can use a helping hand with a fair chance on the labor market. Francine: “By participating I hope to show Salma and other children, boys and certainly also girls, and believe that the world is at their feet. Always stay curious, keep playing, keep learning and always dream much bigger than you had ever dared!”