Rising numbers of Dutch check pensions online

Published on: 29 August 2016

Growing numbers of participants in pension funds associated with APG are using the ‘MijnFonds’ personal digital pensions environment.


To date, some 650,000 participants have checked their pension status through this service. With MijnFonds, a participant can easily see how much pension he has accumulated or receives. The service was launched in 2015 and is available to increasing numbers of participants in pension funds associated with APG. MijnFonds is also suitable for use on a smartphone or tablet.


Insight into the personal pension status, anywhere and anytime.

Alongside a summary of the accumulated pension, it is also possible for participants to view any partner’s or surviving dependent’s pension. Depending on the pension fund, there is also the online ability to calculate the effect of advancing, postponing or varying the extent of a pension.

MijnFonds users can also modify personal details simply and directly. Security and privacy is also guaranteed because the system uses DigiD.


Pension mail increasingly digital

Growing numbers of participants are indicating in MijnFonds that they wish to receive mail about their pensions either partially or fully digitally. This means that not only does MijnFonds offer participants more convenience, but it also reduces paper consumption and leads to lower implementation costs.

Growing functionality in MijnFonds

Raoul Willms, Director of Marketing, Communications & Distribution with APG: “Participants are telling us that MijnFonds offers them a quick insight into their personal pension status. This gives them clarity and peace of mind. We will be adding even more features in the near future, making the service even more relevant and personal. For instance, we have just launched webchat, to answer pensions questions directly online. Participants are reacting enthusiastically to this new service.”