PWRI, ABP and APG win Pension Pro Awards 2019

Published on: 21 June 2019

PWRI won the Golden Pension Pro Award during the Pension Pro annual congress last night. The APG fund can call itself Best Dutch Pension Fund 2019 with this public award. The personal pension pot of ABP and APG’s new public report ‘Walk with us’ won the Pension Pro Award communication prize.


Readers and listeners of Pensioen Pro, the Financieel Dagblad and radio channel BNR rewarded PWRI with the public prize. Other contestants were ABP and Thales Nederland.


Enforce inclusion
In the jury report, the jury calls the PWRI inclusion project "special and admirable." "PWRI exercises its influence to enforce inclusiveness in companies, so that its own participants  - people who are at a disadvantage on the labor market - are given a job." The jury speaks of a completely unique form of engagement in the direct interest of participants. " This creates involvement with and proximity to the people on whose behalf all our efforts are made."

Kees Bethlehem, chairman of the PWRI board: “This prize is an encouragement to continue. I hope that other pension funds draw inspiration from how you can give substance to the S of ESG as a pension fund. We are open to exchange of views, and possibly cooperation, in this area. "


Involve participants
The personal pension pot of ABP was given the communicationprize with star as the is charmed by the possibility to offer participants direct insight into their accrual. "Deserves praise. Bold, good timing in the national pension discussion. Insight into the personal pension pool involves the participants in retirement, and that is - and is becoming - increasingly essential."

Con Snijders (project manager Personal Pension Pot): “We are happy with this recognition. We see that participants are much more positive about their pension at ABP by seeing their own pension pot ”.


Also recognition for APG
It is the first time that APG itself has been nominated for a Pension Pro Award and also wins. The professional jury calls the APG public report “a great initiative that offers clear insight to people with little pension knowledge. Good for the sector as a whole and cleverly implemented.”

Dunja Wasserman and Erik van Dam (both Communications Advisor APG) received the award in Amsterdam.

Erik: “Actually winning this great prize points to recognition that we have succeeded in making both pension and APG accessible to a wider audience. By thinking differently and applying new techniques. "


Increase pension awareness
The praising words of the jury endorse the purpose of the report. Dunja: “We have asked ourselves how we can bring Dutch people, and in particular the people who build up pension, into contact with pension in an accessible, relevant and fun way. And at the same time we tell who we are and what we do for retirement. For that reason, it has been decided to translate the annual report into a public-friendly version in an innovative, interactive and personalized video format.”