Pension Fund for Housing Associations extends contract with APG

Published on: 14 March 2016

APG remains Pension Fund for Housing Corporation (SPW) provide asset management, pension administration and communication. 2016 per sector pension SPW has extended the contract with APG indefinitely.


Services for SPW

APG manages and invests SPW pension assets of over € 10 billion. In addition, APG ensures the proper administration of pension collection of premiums and payment of retirement benefits. Furthermore, APG is responsible for communication with (former) participants and pensioners of SPW. Finally APG advises the Board of SPW in the field of communications, legal and actuarial matters.


“High customer satisfaction”

Both SPW and APG are positive about the cooperation in recent Pension Fund for Housing Associations extends contract with APG years and looking with confidence to the future. The focus remains on further increasing the quality of service and reduce costs.

Jim Schuyt, CEO at SPW: "We are satisfied with the cooperation with APG. Besides a good investment result is at APG too much knowledge accumulated over our industry. Moreover, the communication is excellent. This results in high customer satisfaction among affiliated employers and participants."

Mark Boerkamp, Chief Operations Officer at APG: "We are obviously very pleased with this contract extension. In recent years we have worked hard to improve the service to SPW and its participants. At the same time we have managed to reduce costs. The coming years we will continue on this path."


Second contract extension APG quickly

The new agreement with APG SPW is the second contract extension in 2016. APG made earlier this year that the contract with Stichting Pensioenfonds Medical Specialists (SPMS) has been extended until 2021. Thus knows the pension provider in a short time both an industry and a professional pension fund longer bind.