"Pension fund can turn to APG again"

Published on: 14 January 2020

While the majority of the largest Dutch pension providers no longer accept new clients for pension administration, the door at APG is now open again.


That is the scope of an article (only available for FD subscribers) today in the Dutch newspaper FD.


APG thus meets a clearly present need in the market. "More and more pension funds are complaining that they have great difficulty finding an administrator for the administration of their pensions," writes the FD. Because the market for smaller pension providers has become less attractive - scale is needed to operate cost-effectively in this sector - they have increasingly withdrawn. New customers must meet a certain profile at APG, as APG chairman Gerard van Olphen explains in the FD interview. To contribute to APG's scale, they must have a certain minimum size. The pension plan of the relevant fund must also match that of the funds that are already customers of APG. This is not the case for very complicated, deviating regulations.