Part 2 of BFF the Podcast: how do you manage finances with your partner?

Published on: 2 July 2024

In the second episode of Best Financial Friend, the new podcast by APG, we take a look into personal finance management at home. How do the panel members of the podcast handle their finances with their partners? Do they pool everything together, or does each person contribute proportionally? And what role does upbringing play in your financial outlook? You'll find out here.


BFF the Podcast, alternately hosted by APG's Sterre Ooms and Rick Akkermans, features a new panel every three episodes. The inaugural panel includes Maikel Breukelman, Det Olde Hampsink, and Gerco de Mare. In this episode, the central question is: how do you manage your finances at home, and what financial lessons did you learn growing up?


Enjoyment vs. Frugality
Opinions on this matter differ widely. For instance, Maikel wishes to teach his children to enjoy life, even if it means incurring debt. In contrast, Det prefers to pass on her parents' message: if you want something, you must work for your money.


Additionally, Gerco discusses the bouts of frugality that he and his wife experience every few months, during which they scrutinize all their subscriptions. Maikel emphasizes the importance of maintaining personal accounts alongside a shared one.


Listen to the full episode here (Dutch only).And keep an eye on and the channel on Spotify for the next podcasts!