Most participants will lump sum of over 10% at retirement

Published on: 23 March 2016

A recently published study Netspar "Framing and the annuitization decision" shows that six out of ten employees would opt for a lump sum combined with a lower pension instead of the usual fixed equal benefit.


This is the first large Dutch study on the interest in a lump sum, in combination with a lower pension.


The research has been performed by Eduard Ponds (APG and Tilburg University), Onno Steenbeek (APG and Erasmus University) and Joyce Sparks (APG).


More than three thousand active members have questions about the option of a portion of the accrued pension (up 20%) once to record at retirement. The researchers also raise the question of the influence of the question of 'framing' the interest in a lump sum.


Read here the results of the research and here the full article on Pension FD Pro (login code required).