Launch of website OnsNieuwePensioen

Published on: 25 August 2022

Anyone who wants to know more about the new pension system can visit from Thursday 25 August. This site explains in a simple way what pension is, why the pension system changes, what remains the same and what changes.


Each topic on the site contains a short general explanation, an animation and answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, there is a practical overview of what people can do now about their income for later. The website has been developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in collaboration with trade unions, employers' organisations, pension administrators and the Reading and Writing Foundation. The Pension Federation also participated in this working group, as did employees from ABP and APG.


Communication advisor Viviane Kusters, who contributed ideas on behalf of APG: “Last year we conducted a study in which we looked at pension-related searches in Google. It showed that the number of search queries in which the word pension appeared had risen structurally since 2017, by about 70 percent. Of course, many people are looking for information about their own pension, but there was also a great need for general information. For example, about how pension is arranged and what will change with the new rules. "


The people who searched via Google for pension-related information turned out to end up on many different websites, Viviane continues. "Also often on sites with incorrect, incomplete or commercial information. Fortunately, there is now a neutral platform where people can find clear and understandable information about what is going to change. The timing is also right. In the past, the search demand appeared to rise explosively when the new system was in the news. For example, in June 2019 - around the conclusion of the provisional pension agreement - pension-related information was searched no less than 1.4 million times. So it's great that this website is available before the House of Representatives considers the bill for the new pension system again in September."

The Future Pensions Act (Wtp) is an elaboration of a broad package of agreements between the government and the social partners from 2019. The Wtp is still pending and can therefore still change. If the House of Representatives and the Senate agree, the new rules for pensions are  expected to take effect on 1 January 2023.

The organizations that worked on had already devised a set of communication tools for the site This site is specifically aimed at pension professionals.  For example, you will find factsheets, infographics, animations and articles about the changes in pension rules and about what remains the same. Organizations can use these in newsletters, presentations or articles, among other things.