Growing awareness integrated reporting

Published on: 24 November 2016

In 2016, the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) conducted three studies theme, focusing on the financial reporting of a selection of listed companies.


Growing awareness

The AFM study shows that the majority of enterprises further steps in the right direction put in the field of integrated reporting. This is important because a more integrated way of governing, with an emphasis on the contribution to the strategic objectives and managing the associated risks, companies create stronger. This is expected to more socially responsible investment and promotes a sustainable financial well-being.

Compared to previous years, is increasingly reported over financial information. There is an increasing focus on value creation model, stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis. Integrated reporting is expected to contribute to the strategic direction of the company and this has more impact than just accountability.


Social impact of their investment decisions

Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly in need of non-financial information. Responsible investing also involves accountability by institutional investors about the social impact of their investment decisions. The AFM sees self gives way to regulations and that the FSB, the banking supervisory authorities and the EU take the lead in further shaping thereof. The AFM calls on companies involved in setting up these national and international developments and further steps in the field of integrated reporting. The implementation of the EU Directive non-financial information in Dutch legislation, which applies here is expected to be a further stimulus from fiscal year 2017.