Future of Pensions Act going into effect postponed until July 1

Published on: 7 October 2022

Minister Schouten has announced that the Future Pensions Act (Wtp) going into effect will be postponed until July 1, 2023. Careful consideration in the House of Representatives turns out to take more time than expected.


In the coming weeks, on October 10, 12 and 19, 3 more legislative consultations are scheduled to discuss the Future of Pensions Act (Wtp) in the House of Representatives. The preliminary plan is that this will be followed by plenary debate in the House of Representatives on November 1, 2 or 3, but the House of Representatives will not decide whether the bill is ready for plenary debate until after the legislative consultations. After the debate in the House of Representatives, the draft bill can be submitted to the Senate for approval.


Many questions

And the debate in the House of Representatives is going to be challenging. After all, there are still a lot of topics about which there are many questions, as well as several amendments that would have quite an impact. Furthermore, the House is divided over whether it should wait for the recommendations of the Parameters Committee. If so, further debate could not take place until December.


In response to parliamentary questions from Pieter Omtzigt, the minister reported the following: “It is ultimately up to the House to proceed to plenary discussion. I cannot and will not intervene in this. However, as someone responsible for the system, I want to offer clarity to the sector. Given the careful treatment to which the Senate also attaches great importance, I do not consider it plausible to complete the legislative procedure in the Senate this calendar year either. It is therefore unrealistic to expect the Future of Pensions Act to go into effect on January 1, 2023. I am therefore amending the target date for it to go into effect. The next change date for legislation is July 1, which is what I am aligning with.”



Delaying the effective date does not affect APG’s schedule. Peter Gortzak, Director of Policy Implementation at APG: “For APG, both careful handling and speed are important. APG is proceeding with implementation based on working hypotheses to avoid implementation delays.”


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