Engagement bears fruit: Shell makes sustainability targets more concrete

Published on: 3 December 2018

Sustainability targets also linked to top remuneration

That engagement in the area of ​​sustainability and ESG with listed companies bears fruit is shown by the statement that Shell publishes together with a large number of institutional investors today. The investors, including APG, together account for around $ 32 trillion and acted jointly on behalf of the Climate Action 100+.


Shell announced today that it will set targets in the foreseeable future to reduce its 'Net Carbon Footprint' in the long term and thus contribute to the realization of the Paris Agreements and to combat climate change.

At least as important is that Shell now wants to link these goals to the remuneration of top management.

These are both points on which APG, in the name of the funds for which it works, was in close dialogue with the top management of Shell. This as part of the embedding approach of APG.


On behalf of ABP, the largest pension fund for which APG works, Corien Wortmann stated: "This is an important step, as Shell's management is making further progress towards contributing to achieving Paris's climate goals. That Shell has now embedded its ambition in its remuneration policy offers confidence that Shell is really committed to it. long-term responsible investors and shareholders in Shell, we keep in touch with the company and follow the progress with interest, and we hope that other companies will follow Shell."


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