Chairman ABP guest at Buitenhof

Published on: 4 April 2016

Corien Wortmann, chairman of Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP was last Sunday, along with Anna Grebenchtchikova, chairman of the pension committee of CNV Young and Theo Kocken, Professor of Risk Management at the Free University of Amsterdam, hosted by the discussion program Buitenhof.


The conversation was about the new pension system and the financial situation of pension funds.

Corien Wortmann-Kool said there: "The pension system needs reform, but while the balance is not tipped to entirely individual piggy banks should the pension system should be adjusted so that the lake is based on contributions paid over that 60-year promise of certainty. as we do now. the present system has become priceless 60 years. we see more opportunities to offer that good pension, building on the foundations of the current system. Because that we are among the best in Europe and we can good retirement offer, despite the situation we're in now."


Watch the  full here interview.