Campus must rejuvenate Heerlen

Published on: 11 September 2016

The ambitions of the Bright Lands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen are grand. So will they attract hundreds of new companies and start-ups, 2,500 new jobs and 1,600 students. The campus is a joint venture of pension manager APG, Maastricht University and the Province of Limburg.

Talent and innovation

"It's APG absolute necessity to access new talent and innovation," said Chief Operations Officer Mark Boerkamp. "Our pension funds to new services." Campus Director Peter Verkoulen and Boerkamp emphasize that they do everything to succeed the initiative. They have committed to at least ten years, as the province and the University of Maastricht. Ten start-ups have already ventured the step to the campus, like Accenture and IT company Conclusion. "There are already about 250 people on campus actively," says director Verkoulen.

See the full article in the FD Dagblad on 12 September (in Dutch).