APG wants to double sustainable energy investments

Published on: 22 September 2016

Over the next three years, APG wants to double its investments in sustainable energy production from one to two billion euros.


350 institutional investors and financial institutions

In New York, Kemna, who speaks on behalf of a coalition of nearly 350 institutional investors and financial institutions, notes that in 2013 around $250 billion has been invested in clean energy solutions worldwide. To counter the worst effects of climate change this amount should be doubled within a few years.


The doubling of investments which APG wants to achieve in the next three years, for example in wind and solar power, fits the focus on sustainability in APG's investment portfolio. In her speech Kemna announces that APG has managed to double its investments in sustainable real estate to €11 billion in the past two years. According to Kemna this is an important step in the right direction because real estate is responsible for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.


In order to facilitate sustainable investing for pension funds and institutional investors, it is important that governments ensure clear and stable regulations. This involves measures such as the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies, higher prices for CO2 emission rights and increased support for research into cleaner energy.


To underline the importance of this, APG, together with other investors, has signed a statement on climate change in which governments are asked to take such measures. The statement is endorsed by 347 investors, including Dutch pension funds ABP, bpfBOUW, SPW, PPF APG and insurance company Loyalis. They announce their ambition to look into investments with low CO2 emissions, to the extent that this fits within their task as a pension provider and insurer. They also will encourage companies in which they invest in to be clear and open about the risks they face from climate change.