APG starts investing in Chinese shares

Published on: 19 December 2017

APG starts investing in Chinese equities for pension fund clients and their participants. The first 250 million investment will be realized in the very near future.


E Fund

The investments are being made in collaboration with E Fund, one of the largest investors in China. APG and E Fund exchange knowledge relating to asset management, ICT, and pension administration. The partnership with E Fund fits in with the strategy of APG and its pension fund clients to invest explicitly in sustainability and growth markets. APG expects to realize higher returns on long-term investments for its participants.

When selecting companies, APG and E Fund review both the risk–return profile and the sustainability criteria. APG makes direct investment without intervention of external parties, which keeps the cost of investing in Chinese equities relatively low.


Attractive investment opportunities

Gerard van Olphen, CEO of APG Group: “Smart and sustainable investment is a basis for a good pension for the participants of the pension funds. The Chinese economy is growing at a very fast rate, offering very attractive investment opportunities. The partnership with E Fund brings benefits to both parties. As a sustainable pension investor, APG brings in extensive ESG (environmental, social, governance) knowledge and experience. As a major Chinese investor, E Fund contributes extensive knowledge of the local market. APG aims to share its knowledge with other institutional investors in the future.”