APG increases equity interest in electric train traffic Europe

Published on: 13 January 2021

APG has agreed the acquisition of a 20.9% stake in Alpha Trains from AMP Capital on behalf of its pension fund clients. APG already owns a 41.1% indirect interest in the business that was acquired in 2019.


The investment in Alpha Trains, a leasing company for passenger trains and locomotives in Continental Europe, is in line with APG’s sustainable investment strategy. The majority of the fleet is electric and therefore contributes to lower CO2 emissions from the European transport sector.


Strong position

Arjan Reinders, Head of Infrastructure at APG: "Alpha Trains is an excellent company with a strong position in the Continental European rail market. We have agreed this acquisition at a time of continued growth of the rail passenger and freight markets in Europe, and we believe that the ongoing liberalisation of the European market will drive further investment in the rail sectors. We have the ambition to contribute further to the success and growth of Alpha Trains in the long-term."



Alpha Trains is one of the leading rolling stock companies in Europe, providing flexible leasing solutions to train and locomotive operators across 17 European countries. Its portfolio consists of approximately 800 trains and locomotives. The majority of its fleet is electric, positioning Alpha Trains as a leader of the clean energy transition in European rail.


You can read more about our stake in Alpha Trains in our previously published article.