APG contributes to an inclusive investment world

Published on: 4 February 2022

APG US is joining Out Investors, an organization that aims to make the investment world more accessible for LGBTQ+ professionals. Max Hartley, founder of the APG US LBGTQ+ affinity group and associate in private equity, explains why.


Now that APG is embracing and shaping diversity and inclusion more internally, it is time to also engage with external parties. As a step towards this goal, APG US has agreed to become a member of Out Investors, says Max Hartley. “I see this commitment as the first of many D&I-related partnerships that APG can enter into, with the goal of not only supporting professionals, but also learning best practices in recruitment, development, mentorship and other human capital initiatives.”

Good example

Each of the 90+ other member firms in Out Investors have their own frameworks and approach towards hiring and creating a supportive culture for LGBTQ+ employees, and would be extremely valuable for APG to be exposed and learn best practices and in turn, serve as a good example. In addition, membership to Out Investors allows LGBTQ+ and allies in the financial sector a place to network.

Steps taken

APG's dedication to ESG and D&I was Max's main reason for joining the organization and he thinks APG is making good strides in understanding diversity and inclusion in both recruiting practices and integrating them into APG’s values overall. “For example, D&I is a key diligence item in our private equity investments and APG is seen as a powerful force for the improvement of D&I in finance overall. “It’s very exciting to be part of an organization propagating such change.”

But it's not just about what APG does to the outside world. Making employees more aware of the steps that APG has taken in diversity and inclusion, stays important too. “That way we as individuals can become more aware and inclusive in our daily interactions with each other. One good step was in the US where we had our first annual Diversity Day in November, which was extremely well-attended and helpful in continuing the conversation on D&I at APG.”

About the APG US LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
The APG US LGBTQ+ group believes in inclusion and equality - meaning everyone is welcome! We openly acknowledge who we are with pride and we support APG internally and our local community externally. We want expand our professional LGBTQ+ networks through events that connect us to those inside and outside of our organization and we aim to partner with like-minded organization to do so.