APG celebrates 25 years of investing in publicly traded real estate with a gong ceremony

Published on: 26 September 2023

By opening the trading day with a traditional gong strike, APG commemorates its 25 years of investing in publicly traded real estate.

A constant over these 25 years has been the desire to continue innovating, as explained by Rutger van der Lubbe, Head of Global RE Investment Strategy at APG. "We were one of the first investors to start investing in publicly traded real estate from an integrated approach, in conjunction with private real estate. Our perspective that publicly traded real estate behaves over the long term like 'regular' real estate has since had a significant following, including from academia. Our investment process has also undergone a fundamental development during this period, characterized by global harmonization in terms of analysis, data integration, and extensive digitization. In the realm of ESG, we have also undertaken many initiatives during this period, with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) being the most notable examples. Our leading position in sustainability is also applied in our latest investment solution, the Real Estate Responsible Investment Index Strategy. This product complements our existing investment solutions, characterized by fundamental analysis, active management, and full integration of ESG factors."


Watch the video of the gong ceremony on the Euronext website.