Annual report APG 2019: Looking back on a financially strong year

Published on: 21 April 2020

Today, we as APG publish our annual report for the year 2019. You can read how we worked for eight pension funds, 22,000 employers and, through them, for 4.7 million people in the Netherlands last year. For APG, pensions are about people, about life and about living together. We want to make a difference so that we, our parents and our children have a good income, now, later and in the future. Our annual report 2019 describes how we have worked on this over the past year.


Key points of the annual report:

- Growing satisfaction among members and pension funds

- Giving more people insight into income for later and their pension assets

- Financially good year: increase in turnover and lower costs per participant

- High yield, but slightly less than the average in the benchmark

- Insight and action in pension administration through data analysis


For its pension funds and their participants, APG achieved a return of 17.3% and an additional return of 56 basis points over 2019. At the same time, APG succeeded in lowering the average price per participant to €67.30. In addition, APG provided 975,000 participants with insight into pension assets and 1,845,000 participants with insight into income for later. APG's revenue in 2019 was €944 million. The net result came to €53 million. APG achieved a strong reputation score of 70.7.


Certainties in an uncertain period


Gerard van Olphen, Chairman of APG's Executive Board: "To be quiet about. In 2020, society will face an unreal situation full of uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus. It is precisely in such a period of uncertainty that it is crucial that there are certain certainties on which people can rely: electricity, water, light, medical aid. But also the financial infrastructure, payments, and therefore pensions. By offering the same services as always, we contribute to the confidence that is needed in society in a situation like this.


As a result of this crisis, the new pension contract has not become less important, but less urgent. Wherever possible, we will investigate in the background, explore alternatives and calculate variants. So that, when the time comes, we won't have stood still in this area either."

  • APG can look back on a financially strong year. But things also went wrong due to errors in pension administration. The bar needs to be raised, according to CEO Gerard van Olphen and cfro Annette Mosman. But first it's all hands on deck to deal with the consequences of the corona crisis. Read the entire interview here ‘If the basis isn’t in order, you lose people’s trust’.