ABP most sustainable Dutch pension fund for fourth consecutive year

Published on: 1 November 2021

APG’s largest pension fund client ABP has topped the ranking of sustainable Dutch pension funds for the fourth consecutive year. This was announced today by the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). BpfBOUW retained the number two spot; SPW (9) also made it into the top 10.


ABP scored 4.0 out of a possible 5 points. APG’s other asset management clients also achieved good results. BpfBOUW finished narrowly behind ABP with a score of 3.9 points. SPW scored 3.0 points. 


Really encouraging

ABP chair Corien Wortmann finds it ‘really encouraging’ that ABP is named the most sustainable pension fund for the fourth consecutive time. Still, the fund continues to critically evaluate its own performance. "What do we achieve, how can we be more effective? How can we make more impact in the context of creating a more sustainable world? And at the same time, together with other pension funds, we demonstrate this can be done while maintaining financial returns. In this way we inspire and stimulate each other to improve."

Since 2006, VBDO has annually examined the policies and sustainability performance of the Dutch pension sector. The benchmark assesses the 50 largest pension funds in the Netherlands, accounting for 89% of assets managed with a total value of €1,540 billion. The score reflects how each pension fund performs in four categories: policy, governance, accountability and implementation. 


Room for improvement

APG's clients have few opportunities for improvement in policy, governance and accountability. This year, VBDO took a stricter look at the real impact of pension funds' investments on society and the environment. For APG's clients, there are mainly opportunities for improvement in measuring, steering and reporting when it comes to real-world impact.


Want to find out more? Download the full VBDO report here.