‘Who is helping Mark Rutte? Minister Santa Claus’

Published on: 26 April 2021

After a well-received first season of Kids & Cash, we are starting a new video series in which children talk frankly about more than just money: Kids &…



What if children could be the boss of the Netherlands for one day? They would want to ‘keep the world a bit clean’, ‘make everything free of charge’ and ‘abolish Corona’. In this edition of Kids & Politics we see that political interests are already kindled at an early age. Children know Mark Rutte is the one calling the shots, but ‘the King tells him what he needs to do’ and ‘Minister Santa Claus’ also helps out. And the treasury chest with all of its pots of money? That is spent on ‘teachers who want more money’, ‘a climbing frame’ and ‘building a school’.