VBDO proclaims bpfBOUW as the most sustainable Dutch pension fund

Published on: 28 November 2023

The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (‘Vereniging van Beleggers voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling’, VBDO) has named bpfBOUW the most sustainable pension fund in 2023. This was one of the results of the annually published 'Benchmark on Responsible Investment by Pension Funds in the Netherlands'.

With this first position, bpfBOUW swapped places with ABP, which has been topping the VBDO list for six years. bpfBOUW's performance was rated with a 4.8 (on a scale of 5), followed closely by ABP with a score of 4.7. The two funds performed equally well in the areas of 'Governance' and 'Accountability' (4.6 and 4.9 respectively). The biggest performance difference was seen in 'Policy', where bpfBOUW showed a 4.5 and ABP a 4.2. In the field of 'Implementation', ABP followed bpfBOUW closely behind (4.8 versus 4.9). 

For the benchmark, the responsible investment policy and performance of the 49 largest pension funds in the Netherlands are examined and ranked every year.

The full report can be found here.