Towers Watson PPI and Inadmin sign cooperation agreement

Published on: 18 April 2016

Towers Watson Foundation PPI and Inadmin S.A. will cooperate with each other with the aim that Inadmin will carry the pension on behalf of the Foundation. Inadmin now serves four out of 11 PPI in the Netherlands.


Optimal administration for a distinctive pension product

Ton Stores, Director at Towers Watson PPI: "Towers Watson PPI stands for professionalism and is one of the few independent market players to select the flexibility and the possibility of other partners in order to keep the quality of our service to clients at level. To keep good employees and employers insight into the exploit personal situation and the potential contribution scheme of a new generation, we will cooperate with Inadmin.


Fourth PPI shows confidence in open platform philosophy for pension

Rik Douwes, Managing Director of Inadmin "Foundation PPI Towers Watson is a leading player and I am therefore particularly pleased that they are going to work with us. This underlines the great strides we have made in the development of the investment administration. Towers Watson is the fourth PPI who believe in our open platform philosophy. Pension as PPIs, (corporate) pension funds, asset managers and insurers are so able in a short time-to-market to offer their products on the pension market without investing in their own infrastructure."