Top position for APG in global sustainability ranking

Published on: 9 March 2020

APG is one of the global leaders in responsible investment. That is the assessment of ShareAction/AODP, which today announced its sustainability ranking. APG was awarded an A rating and ranked fourth in the world's 75 largest asset managers. ShareAction/AODP (Asset Owners Disclosure Project) is a social organization that assesses institutional investors on the approach they take to responsible investment. The focus is placed on climate change, human rights and biodiversity.


The A rating was this year’s highest assessment. In the previous ranking - the Global Climate Index 2017 - the world's 50 largest asset managers were assessed only on the extent to which they took account of the consequences and risks of global warming in their investment policies. At that time, APG was the only asset manager with the highest rating (AAA). With this year’s addition of human rights and biodiversity, no AAA or AA assessments were awarded. This is because no asset manager qualifies as a leader in all areas.


ShareAction/AODP's survey is in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), a global standard for how companies and investors can best report on climate change. ShareAction/AODP now also applies this standard to human rights and biodiversity. An A rating means that an asset manager is a leader when it comes to managing risks, opportunities and impacts in various (not all) areas of responsible investment.


“We're delighted with this recognition as a leader in responsible investment," says APG climate specialist Lucian Peppelenbos. APG regards the assessment as an incentive to continue to work with its clients on its responsible investment policy.” APG's largest client, ABP, recently announced its new sustainable and responsible investment policy. This focuses on three transitions: climate change and energy transition; resource scarcity and the approach to natural resources; and digitization. Respect for human rights and good corporate governance are important preconditions for this.