To measure is to know, and that includes human rights.

Published on: 18 July 2017

Demonstrating leadership means taking the lead in difficult situations. Combining something statistical, such as investing, with a broad concept such as human rights is a such a situation.


But at the same time this is something that pension investors, who select and manage millions in investments in a responsible way on behalf of participants, cannot circumvent. The realization that a way had to be found to measure in a structured and standardized way how companies deal with human rights, was broadly shared. This is why in 2013, a number of international investors, including APG, joined forces with social organizations and jointly established the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark. The objective of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) is to rank companies after completing an assessment based on a hundred indicators that provide some information about their human rights policy and practice, such as working hours, remuneration, physical working conditions, and preventing child labor. Aside from this, the benchmark specifically looks at the way in which companies respond to allegations of irresponsible behavior. The analysis is conducted on the basis of public information and input provided by the companies themselves. The first CHRB ranking was published in March 2017.


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