Self-employed (zzp'er) does not use an average of 1,450 euros in tax credits

Published on: 2 November 2016

ZZPs (Self-Employed Person without staff) hardly make use of the tax scheme designed to make pension savings more appealing. Independent entrepreneurs not making extensive use of this scheme means they miss hundreds to thousands of euros in tax credits. This scheme is worth considering at incomes exceeding 1,000 euros per month. Over 70% of the ZZPs is not aware of this scheme. This is apparent from online surveys of ZZP Pension, conducted among 200 ZZPs in late September.


Not aware of pension solutions

In the survey, ZZPs indicate they do not know much about the various pension solutions. Only 15 percent of the entrepreneurs surveyed assesses their own knowledge on this theme as ‘good’.  A vast majority of ZZPs (70%) is not or hardly at all aware of the so-called annual margin scheme. Within this scheme, it is possible to use an amount for supplementary pension accrual. This amount can subsequently be deducted from the income in the tax return. Of the independent self-employed and freelancers surveyed, 29% makes use of this scheme, among others via ZZP Pension.


Click here to read the full press release on the ZZP Pension website (only available in Dutch).


About ZZP Pension

ZZP Pensioen (ZZP Pension) is initiated by Stichting ZZP Nederland (ZZP Foundation Netherlands), Zelfstandigen Bouw, FNV Zelfstandigen and Vereniging Platform Zelfstandige Ondernemers (PZO-ZZP) and Loyalis. These organizations have joined forces in Stichting ZZP Pension with the objective of encouraging pension accrual for and by self-employed people employing no personnel. ZZP Pension is a non-mandatory retirement pension, including the accrual phase up to retirement date and the pension benefit / annuity process. The participant personally determines the pay-out period of the pension scheme and how much or when the premium amounts are paid in. This scheme’s competitive edge are its life cycle accrual and its low cost, which is comparable to the cost of a group pension scheme. ZZP Pension offers the participants insight into the value of their accrued pension through an online portal.


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