Second pension fund live with Clear Overview & Insight

Published on: 11 December 2018

What effect do choices you make now have on your future income? To clarify this, APG developed the module Clear Overview & Insight (Helder Overzicht & Inzicht, HO&I). This gives pension fund members more insight into their future income and expenditure within the personal online pension environment. That way they can see whether they will be to maintain their current lifestyle, and whether there is room for that little bit extra they need. The SPW pension fund for housing corporations had the debut with this module in February. HO&I is now also available to members of the APG Staff Pension Fund (PPF APG). A third pension fund is going live with the module in 2019.


Insight into income and expenditure at expected state retirement age

On 10 December HO&I went live for members of PPF APG. This is the APG pension fund where about 5,300 (former) employees of APG accrue pension or have done so in the past. The new module gives them an insight into their income and expenditure at the expected state retirement age.

All income known to the pension fund has already been entered in the HO&I module. It also contains an estimate of the expected expenditure, including in the areas of housing, healthcare costs and insurance. Any other income for later, such as other pensions, annuities or savings, can easily be added by members themselves. They can also see at the touch of a button what the implications are if they want to retire earlier, or if they want to work more or less. That way, members know whether it is necessary to save or invest extra or whether they need to adjust their spending pattern.


Enthusiasm in the test group

A number of APG employees were introduced to the possibilities during the testing of the new module. This group was very enthusiastic. With the introduction of the module on My PPF APG, an even larger number of APG employees can find out for themselves how this module works. In this way they are not only APG employees but also customers, and from that position they can experience how APG members are able to control their financial future. APG's aim is to increase pension awareness and to be a trusted guide.


The board of PPF APG is also very pleased with HO&I. Employees’ Chairman Alwin Oerlemans: "The first reactions to Clear Overview & Insight show that many members are really interested in seeing what their financial future holds. Directly seeing the implications of your own choices is very valuable."