Pipelines Tar Sand: biggest impact as active shareholder

Published on: 31 July 2018

Greenpeace asks pension funds and other investor to sell assets in companies that build pipelines for the transport of tar sands. They have also approached ABP and APG.


At ABP/APG, we prefer to engage in dialogue with these companies instead of selling our assets. Because we are shareholders, we can have a positive influence on companies when it comes to themes like human rights, climate change and industrial safety. With this and other investments, we always look at the factors return, risk, cost and sustainability. We believe that society and our participants are best served with critical shareholders such as APG/ABP. We appreciate input from organizations such as Greenpeace and we use that in our dialogue with companies we invest in.


Dialogue with Greenpeace

July 11th we have sent a letter to Greenpeace. On July 19th a delegation of ABP and APG has had a meeting with Greenpeace. After summer we will continue our dialogue with Greenpeace in a meeting where the CEO’s of ABP and APG will be present.


ABP and APG aim to contribute to a more sustainable world, investing the pension premiums of our participants through corporate responsibility and sustainable investments. As sustainability is not an optional item in both our perspective, ABP has implemented a number of specific targets for ABP’s sustainable and responsible investment policy to be realized by 2020 and executed by APG.