Pension system 2025: ready for the next sequence in the 21st century?

Published on: 13 September 2016

In 'Pension Topics', leading authors from the pension world give their views on the pension contract, investments, governance and governance. The book, edited by Jean Frijns, Carel Petersen and Benne van Popta, offers a broad overview of topics to inspire pension fund directors. Jurre de Haan, Peter Gortzak and Alwin Oerlemans of APG contributed to this report on retirement in the future.


In the chapter ‘Pension system 2025: ready for the next sequence in the 21st century?‘, the authors describe how the world around us is changing rapidly. The preferences and values of the participants are changing, as is society. What requirements will the participant have for a good pension in 2025? And what does this mean for pension administration? This concerns trends that require updating our pension system, including increased need for personal management, a dynamic job market where the economic life of both companies and sectors will continue to decrease, and the sustainability or unsustainability of the current pension contract.

After a description of current trends, these are converted into the implications for consumers in 2025. What will they expect of a good pension? How can the consumer assure his/her income for later and his/her employability in the job market. This is followed by an impression of the direction the pension system may develop, based on the trend analysis and the values for a good pension. The changes also have implications for pension administration. New solutions for the income facilities for later, technological innovations and other wishes of participants and retired employees will result in innovations in pension administration.


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